What Are Eyelash Extensions?

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

You may have heard:

  • Lash extensions are amazing
  • Lash extensions are life changing
  • Lash extensions are addicting

But what exactly are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are made of a synthetic material known as Polybutylene Terephthalate(PBT), a type of plastic*. They are applied to one of your natural lashes using cyanoacrylate based adhesives.

The extensions come in different lengths, diameters (ultra thin to thick-ish), and curls.

I’ve seen lashes as short 3-6mm for bottom lashes to as long as 20mm.

A tray of lash extensions.

When I was originally certified the diameters we learned with were .15, .20, and .25. Now a wide range is available from the very thin .03 – .07 to medium .10, .12 and the standard .15. On the thicker end fall .18, .20 and .25.

Curls vary by brand in terms of what they are called and how they look specifically. One brand’s C curl may be another brand’s specifications for a B curl. We’ve got J, B, C, CC, D, DD, L and L+ curls.

Extensions are made to each company’s specifications down the tiniest detail including whether the extensions look glossy (shinier) or matte (no sheen at all). Some feel thinner, lighter and softer. Some feel thicker, harder and stiff. We tend reference them as being “silk” or “mink” style extensions.

Your lash artist will have her favorites either from a particular brand or several. Based on the client, she may choose Brand A or Brand B. I prefer one brand over most but keep a few different brands in stock. I use different lengths in all sets, sometimes different curls and even different diameters.

Part of creating a customized look for each of our guests is by using the length, curls and even diameters of extensions that will help us achieve your desired look coupled with what will compliment your features.

*For more in depth info on Polybutylene Trephlalate, read this blog from The Lash Shop.

Lear more about the difference between silk and mink extensions here.




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