Finding a Lash Artist

Finding a Lash Artist

As the eyelash extension industry continues to boom, finding a lash artist in your area won’t be too hard. There are plenty of new, semi-experienced lash artists, along with the very experienced out there. Here are some tips on finding one that’s right for you.

  1. Search the internet for eyelash extensions in your area. Search the results, look for pricing, info/q & a sections, all the pertinent biz info and pictures. If there aren’t pictures on the website, search for their Instagram or Facebook page. Looking for the information they provide and pictures will give you an overall sense of how the service may go at that particular business.
  2. Ask a friend! Does your friend get consistently lovely lash extensions done? Ask her for all the deets. We love when clients refer friends!
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Scrolling through pics of eyes…

When checking out pictures of eyelash extensions, look for:

Clear pics – not blurry

Lashes that all point in a uniform direction – not crossing or turning sideways

A style that seems to fit that person’s eyes/face if it’s an open eye picture

Clumps – do the lashes seem clumpy or like they may have too much black adhesive? Lash extensions shouldn’t end up this way with proper application.

Do you get a good sense of their work, professionalism, care and personality through their profile? Does it make you want to book an appointment?


Ready to call?

Here are some questions to ask your new potential lash artist:

  • How long have you been doing lashes?
  • What is the service like?
  • How long does it take?
  • What is the cost of a full set and fills?
  • Do you do classic and volume?
  • Can you help me decide what’s best for me?
  • What brand’s certification did you take?

Bonus: Ask what brand she uses (look them up if you want)

Some of these questions may have been answered through your search online but it’s nice to know the lash artist can answer confidently.

Once you arrive:

  • How’s the greeting? Warm and friendly?
  • Is the space clean and organized? Does a comfy looking bed or chair await you?
  • How’s the consult? Does your lash artist provide a consultation to figure out your desired look and give feedback based on your eyes, face shape and natural lashes?


Sounds like you are in the right place!

Generally, you’ll be walked through the initial appointment (“this is a cleanser”, “now I will rinse it off”, “open your eyes”, “close your eyes”). If anything is uncomfortable, feel free to speak up. There shouldn’t be any discomfort and we need to know so we can help!

Every lash artist has a different level of experience and style. Know that we are working diligently to create the lash look of your dreams while you nap in comfort. Some of us may take a little longer, some may be quicker. Give us your feedback on the finished result and at following fill appointments. Communication is always the key to a great relationship.

Still not convinced? Check out this blog from Lash Affair. It’s one of my favorites.

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