Silk vs. Mink Eyelash Extensions

Silk vs. Mink Eyelash Extensions

Have you ever heard someone say they were wearing mink lashes? Or your lash artist says she uses silk lash extensions?

The terms silk and mink are part of lash extension industry jargon used to describe different types of synthetic lashes in regards to the taper and/or glossiness (or lack thereof). Every brand has lashes manufactured to their specifications. From brand to brand the specifications for “silk” or “mink” seem to differ. Brand A’s definition of a silk style extension may be different from Brand B’s.

In my experience, silk styles have a thinner taper that starts closer to the base resulting in a softer, more flexible lash. Sheen varies. Mink styles tend have a thicker taper that starts more towards the tip of the lash. They can be a little less soft feeling but give a bolder appearance. This again depends on the specs the brand gives to the manufacturer. As a lash artist, trying different brands is part of finding a balance between what I like working with and what looks great on my clients taking their feedback into account as well.

The exception is real mink lashes. Those do come from the animal. They are an expensive product and in turn an expensive set of lashes. They are very thin, fine, do not curl, will be heat sensitive and also come from an animal. You won’t find these much as advances in the lash industry allow for very thin weights/diameters of extension that can take the place of an animal hair. Good for all of us.

What does all this mean for you as a consumer? Mostly, that your lash artist probably has several tricks (or trays of lashes) up her sleeve. Communication is key on both ends. If there is a look you like, talk to her about it. She will use her knowledge, creativity along with your ideas and your natural lashes to determine how to achieve a look you love.

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