I Want to Love My Lash Extensions but…

I Want to Love My Lash Extensions but…

“So, I got my lashes done and…

“I’m not sure about them”

“They aren’t what I thought they would be”

“They fell off in a week”

“They hurt/are twisting/are way too long”

“I can’t see them”                      



Have you said any of these things before? Currently thinking it?

You don’t have to hide behind your sunglasses.

My first suggestion is usually to speak to your lash artist about the issue and see if she has any solutions. If you don’t tell her, she won’t know. You paid for the service so you are allowed to ask questions about why they don’t look like they should. Every lash artist’s style and level of experience/knowledge will differ. Sometimes greatly. The cheapest and fastest isn’t always (isn’t usually) the best but the most expensive isn’t always either. Doing your research is important for the best customer service experience and lash extensions.*

There are times, though, that you may prefer to move on and seek a different lash artist. That’s okay, too! Again, it’s your eyes and money. Do you what you gotta do.

Keep in mind the new lash artist may not want to or be able to work over what’s currently on your lashes. She will need to assess the situation to see how best to proceed. This could end up as a removal and new full set. A blank canvas is often what we prefer. Mixing the bad lashes and new good lashes can look sloppy.

Reasons for removal:

  • The extensions and natural lashes are stuck together in clumps with too much adhesive*,
  • The current extensions are grown out and twisting,
  • It’s the new lash artist’s business policy to remove them and start over.

Regardless of whether you stay with your current lash artist, communication is key! Sometimes the issue can be fixed, other times it’s completely dependent on other factors (natural lash health, home care, etc). I do know it’s important to us lash artists to build good relationships with our clients.



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