Are Lash Extensions Damaging?

Are Lash Extensions Damaging?

One of the most frequently asked questions I get about eyelash extensions is:

“Will they damage my natural lashes?”

The simple answer is:

No, not if they are applied properly.

I’ve had clients in lashes for 6+ years with no break and no damage. Applied and cared for properly, lash extensions can be healthier than all the curling and layers of mascara. They don’t hurt or bother you (save for maybe allergy season when everything bothers your eyes).

Incorrectly applied lash extensions can hurt and twist. You might not be able to brush through them. If you don’t know how to wash them, you could get buildup that is unhealthy to your eyes and lash hair follicles. If they are stuck together, you could see multiple natural lashes being taken with one or more extensions in a clump. Too long, too thick extensions weigh down your naturals and cause them to shed much earlier. (This is why I say no to long lengths on most people).

Traction alopecia: Traction alopecia is a form of alopecia, or gradual hair loss, caused primarily by pulling force being applied to the hair. ( Yes, eyelash extensions improperly applied can cause this!
It is also a reason to stop pulling on and at your eyelashes (and brows).


Above:  Clumps of “volume” fans. Too many lashes in stuck to multiple lashes. The naturals are broken, damaged and shortened due to the heavy weight and poor application techniques. Left:  Single extensions removed with multiple naturals attached. Naturals are broken and falling prematurely.


Wearing lash extensions also requires care from you at home. Washing them regularly with the recommended products, brushing, NOT sleeping on your face, NOT picking at them and keeping oil based products away from the lashes is the start of a great long life with extensions. Mascara wearing is strongly discouraged along with waterproof makeup around the eyes. Any doubts, ask your lash artist! She may sell what you need or have recommendations for you. We understand that you are distracted by your new amazing lashes in the first appointment and may blank on the after care instructions at home. Hopefully, you got an after care card for an easy reminder.


So go on…get some lashes. Join the rest of us lash addicts and change your life 😉



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