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5 Ways to Enjoy Your Lash Appointment

Also know as “How to Take a Lash Nap”.

Lash naps are the best. You lay down, close your eyes and wake up with some fab lashes. The relaxation and little cat nap are all part of enjoying your eyelash extension appointment. In our busy, stressed out world, that little bit of you time during your appointment could be the only bit of you time you get that week!

Here are 5 tips for getting the most out of your lash appointment:

Lay off the caffeine before your appointment. For the obvious reasons and not so obvious. Caffeine can cause twitchy eyes that won’t relax – which bothers you. Twitchy eyes are hard to lash – which bothers your lash artist. Getting good placement on the tiniest moving target with the tiniest extension and delicate volume fan is difficult.

Come in with clean eyes free from eye makeup. You’re keeping them clean anyway, of course, but give them a nice washing the day of your appointment and lay off the eye makeup. More cleansing time not only takes away from lashing time but any residue left behind affects the retention of your extensions.

Arrive on time.

Be ready to relax. Some lash artists can talk and lash. Most of us think we can but really it’s better if we don’t. I promise the work is a little better. I LOVE catching up with you, but I love doing a great job more. Also, some people’s eyes move a lot when they talk. Again with the moving target. We aren’t offended when you fall asleep. It’s a compliment.

Silence your cell. It can be startling when it rings loud but more so it bothers you. You wonder who’s calling, what they need, why you didn’t silence it. We can help you out if the school or kids are calling, or you want to listen to music or a book through your earbuds. Otherwise, take the hour to be off your phone.

One last thing…schedule the right amount of time for your appointment according to your loss and desired fullness. If you have 10 lashes hanging on, an hour isn’t going to be enough when it generally takes close to two for a full set.

There you go, Sleeping Beauty! Enjoy the only quiet time you may get in 3 weeks with the added bonus of amazing lashes when you leave.



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