How Are Eyelash Extensions Applied?

How Are Eyelash Extensions Applied?

How are eyelash extensions applied?

The simple answer:


The actual answer:

Eyelash extensions are applied individually with adhesive to one natural lash at a time. This applies to both classic and volume extensions. We use a special adhesive for this service that is similar to the kind used in suture-less wound closure. The extensions are synthetic. They are only adhered to the hair at the base, not the skin. The extensions then grow out with your eyelash. Eyelashes shed on a normal, daily basis sometimes up to 5 a day. This shedding is more noticeable with an extension attached to the hair.

Your lash artist works with a special set of tweezers made for this service.


Tools of the lash trade.

She isolates one natural lash and holds that hand there while picking up an extension with the other, dipping it into her adhesive, then quickly lands the extension in place on the natural hair. This process is repeated until all natural lashes that can be lashed are done.

The extensions are like a lash hair but thicker, pre-curled and black (colors are available). So you can see why staying still and having your eyes closed is important. Aiming one small thing onto another small thing with tweezers requires a special kind of patience, precision and attention to detail. It takes lots of practice, time and effort to become efficient and good at applying lash extensions.


Volume fans.

Volume lash extension application takes all those skills one step farther. The volume fan is handmade during the service. Symmetry and proper fan size (how many lashes are in the fan i.e. 3D or 4D etc.) along with proper placement are key to a good volume set. Your lash artist most likely puts in extra practice beyond her appointments to master making perfect fans.


Your lash artist, hopefully, went to a reputable person or company for training in this service. While each state board of cosmetology differs in it’s requirements of a license for this service, proper training is still very important. It is absolutely okay to ask when and if she was trained or certified in the service. I encourage you as the consumer to do some research on the service and who you are going to before you make an appointment.

Now lay back, enjoy your service and let your lash artist work her magic 😉



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