To Serum or Not to Serum

To Serum or Not to Serum

Lash growth serums are about as popular as extensions. But is it safe to use them while wearing in extensions? 

Yes! Lash growth serums are great for boosting the natural lash’s length with or without extensions. In fact, they pair perfectly with not only extensions but lash lifts as well!

Think of lash serums like fertilizer for flowers. It helps your lashes grow. And to keep growing. You see more lashes as a result of them all being longer at once not because you suddenly started sprouting more hair. If there’s no hair follicle, you won’t produce more hair. And if you suddenly stop the treatment, your lashes will go back to their original grow rate and length.

With extensions…

It keeps your lashes growing long and strong while you’re wearing extensions. Maybe you dream of longer extensions for your tiny naturals. A serum can help boost your lashes just enough to gain another mm or two in extensions. A good growth serum will also help your lashes recover from a bad lash job.

With a lash lift…

Serums often grow lashes so long that they need a little taming. A lash lift will take your scraggly long naturals and curl them in a nice neat manner. Your eyes will appear awake and open with the curl and your mascara will apply so nicely! Lash lifts stay for around 5-6 weeks.*

Ready for a little extra length?

First, do a little research to find the best growth serum for your needs. Ask your hairstylist, local lash artist, or your friends. Some serums are more effective than others. I’ve seen one brand work extremely well for most clients and not so well for one. She got her best results with a brand available by prescription.

If you are an extension lover, ask your lash artist which lash growth serums are compatible with extensions. Again, not all products are compatible because they break down the adhesive so quick. Avoid anything with oil on the lashes or eyes. Make sure to keep your eyes clean the same as you would normally with extensions. The less product buildup on your lids the happier your eyes.

Please use the product as recommended by the manufacturer/brand. Your eyes are sensitive. Using too much can cause irritation and redness. Only the recommended amount and usage is needed along with consistency.

When you reach your goal lash length or want to back off, move down to applying only 2-3 times a week. If you want to quit, back off slowly. Quitting cold turkey may lead to more shedding at once than you’d like to see.

Now you know – you can have your cake and eat it, too.



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