Classic vs. Volume

Classic vs. Volume

When it comes to styles of lash extensions there are a few options. Which one is right for you?

Do you like to wear eyeliner and mascara every day?
You will most likely love volume. A dark, dense application of volume will give you the eyeliner and mascara look but without the clumpiness of mascara.

Do you only wear mascara?
You may love the clean look of classic lashes.

Of course, this all depends on your natural lash line and the health of your lashes! If you have naturally have tons of lashes, you can get by with classic. It can be as dramatic or natural looking as you’d like in terms of styling (full, natural sweep, cat eye etc). If your natural lashes are getting sparse, have gaps and/or are damaged, a volume set will be more beneficial. Volume can provide coverage and fake fullness without any more weight than classic lashes.

Lash extensions used in a Classic set are of a certain diameter (.10, .12, .15, .18). They are great to start with if you are unsure of what you want. Extensions used in volume fans are a much lighter weight and thinner diameters (.03, .05, .07). A 3 or 4D fan is approximately the same weight as one .15 extension. Meaning you can get 3-4 times the volume with no added weight!

Hybrid sets are also a popular option. Hybrids are a mix of classic and volume. It could be shorter classic, longer volume, vice versa or matching lengths all across. It can add depth and texture to your look.

A proper consultation and communication between you and your lash artist will ensure you get a lash look you love.





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